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IKO, PASA certified instructors - Lessons includes kite,
board, helmet, and harness. All pricing per student

Beginner 1 - land lesson: level 1, part 1: $260.00
2.5hr - Trainer kite flying, kiteboarding theory (instructor/student ratio 1:4, 2 kites)

Beginner 2 - water lesson: level 1, part 2: $280.00
2.5hr - LEI kite set-up, safety systems, LEI kite flying (instructor/student ratio 1:2, 2 kites)

Beginner 3 - water lesson: level 2, part 1: $240.00
2hr - water starting and riding lesson with boat support (instructor/student ratio 1:1)

PRIVATE LESSON: two-way radio, boat support $135.00 per hr (instructor/student ratio 1:1)

GROUP LESSON: $110.00 per hour (instructor/student ratio 1:2, 2 kites)


UP-WIND SHUTTLE (includes rescue): $25.00 per trip

SOLO SUPERVISED PRACTICE (assisted riding - 1.5hr minimum)
We launch and land you, monitor you, give you feedback, and rescue if required.
$45.00 per hour with your gear – $90.00 per hour - includes kite, board, helmet, harness

10% credit of your kiteboarding lesson or supervised practice toward Slingshot kiteboarding gear purchase from Exuma Kitesurfing.

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